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About Us

Since the year 1429, we seek and see the aspirations of our esteemed customers to fulfill their desires and all the luxuries that life requires.
We found that perfumes, oud, and natural oud wood are at the forefront of these requirements and are considered among the most precious possessions of people since ancient times.
That is why we, Oud Al-Musk, have been keen to provide distinctive types of natural oud and anointing all-natural oud from its main sources directly.
We strive for excellence to earn your trust more. We created for you a collection of luxurious aromatic products, including the smell of natural oud, ambergris, musk, natural rose and natural oriental scents, and anecdotes of French scents, frankincense, some flowers and aromatic spices.
Hence, we assure you that our products are a precious possession of the secrets of pure nature.